WINNER! The Lauretta Stewart Group’s Bad Romance Contest

It’s The (After) Thought That Counts!!!

Hello there, I'm sitting here in 82 degree weather in Naples, Florida, fondly remembering our first Valentines Day  in Barbados, where we were living at the time, and I was working as a florist - "so giving me flower's on Valentines Day seemed somewhat inappropriate" - given that I was making Valentines Day arrangements for all those thoughtful husbands.... Well that's was his excuse!

On any given workday he’d go to a local lunch spot in a mall across from his workplace - where he could have found a perfect Valentines Day gift – but no! He decided to leave things to the last minute - not a good thing when you're living on an island…or anywhere else…for that matter.

Comes the morning of Valentine's Day - thinking he’ll easily find an "appropriate" gift nearby - he goes to our local grocery store!

The grocery store???

Of course, the cards are all sold out and the only gift item he can find is a sorry looking Valentine's Day mug!!!
No wrapping paper!!!  

Undaunted, he brought that 'sorry' mug home - wrapped in a paper bag on which was emblazoned the grocery store's name - and sheepishly passed it my way.

Need I say more?